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Ashley Webber-Gamboa, CEO, CPT, BLS

Ashley graduated from Northwest Career College with a focus on Phlebotomy. She wanted to give back to the very community that had given so much to her. Ashley Webber-Gamboa became the Owner of Sunrise Pathology Services. A local mobile phlebotomy business located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ashley has always had the passion for healthcare industry. It wasn't until over 2 years ago when she returned to her local college and enrolled. While attending her program she also was a recipient to home health services and programs. Ashley's youngest child spent 3 years as a hospice trach patient. She was so appreciative she had no idea that those services were there for patients like her child. Ashley knew somewhere down the line home health would be her journey. There are so many patients that need care outside of the labs, facility, and homes. She begins to think about the percent of patients who go untested because of busy schedules, time management, laboratory wait times and much more. With opening Sunrise Pathology Services, she focuses on producing better ways for patients to successfully take back your health without little to no interruption in a patient's daily life schedules.





At Sunrise Pathology Services, we treat even the smallest members of the family! From infancy to 18, we're here for your phlebotomy needs.


General Health

Not feeling well or just need an annual labs drawn?  We're here for you!


Mobile Phlebotomy

Sometimes there are obstacles going into a medical office, but help is still available. Our phlebotomist can meet you where ever you are for your collection. Same day appointments are possible! 

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